Transjilor is the answer to JISAP´s good´s transport´s needs.

We are committed to offer a quality transport service as we are the main mean of transport between JISAP´s production network´s farms and our feeds production factories.

Transjilor owns an important truck fleet to make the transport of animals and feeds between farms and transformation centers.

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Livestock´s transport between farms or from the farms to the transformation centers is one of the most important phases in the meat production process, from the point of view of animal welfare and food safety.

Obey the transport legislation is very important to us and we are specially committed with animal welfare.

Our team is conveniently formed and is able to manipulate animals looking the best conditions for them, and treat them with respect and care..

Transjilor transports feeds and flours from their production centers to the farms.

Our goal is to guarantee the quality and safety of the products during the transport itself. As a result, our commitment with cleaning and maintenance of equipment and facilities is the key in our transport service.

We keep our vehicles and containers clean, removing any trace of disinfectant and detergents.

Feeds are always perfectly identified to be transported, avoiding any mistakes or contamination.

Our priority is the care of animals in the transport between farms. Giving animals the best conditions during their transport avoids any injure as well as stress produced during trips.

Our team, which is committed with their profession, keep animals under surveillance during the trips. We try trips are as short as possible and pay attention to animal´s needs the whole time.